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Sad News about K-9 Argo

Officer Miller and K-9 Argo.

K-9 Argo loses his life in the line of duty.

It is with a heavy heart, that the National Police Dog Foundation is reporting that K-9 Argo from the Ferguson Police Department, MO, an NPDF training grant recipient has passed away. The news comes from his handler Officer Matthew Miller, who purchased Argo when he was just eight weeks old.

Argo and Officer Miller had a truly incredible journey together. Miller explains how he had the “rewarding and educational opportunity” to train and raise Argo into becoming a police K-9. They had a great career at the Ferguson Police Department—Miller described his journey as a “handler’s dream.” In early 2016, NPDF awarded a training grant to K-9 Argo and Officer Miller. The team then later that year moved to the Normandy Police Department, MO.

During their service together they had several notable deployments, including $179,000 of illegal drug money—the largest money seizure in department history.

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, the two responded to a vehicle accident in a heavy hailstorm. When they were finished, Miller sought shelter in a familiar local parking garage where they often stopped. Argo got out the car as he often did and, in the blink of an eye, he jumped over a wall and fell down four levels—Miller describes himself as being “frozen in shock.” Miller believes Argo was “out of sorts,” due to the heavy hailstorm.

Miller picked Argo up and rushed him to a nearby emergency vet. The vet found numerous fractures and internal bleeding. Argo was given two blood transfusions and was stable. A couple of days later, Argo was transferred to a neurological specialist.

It was then, that Officer Miller received the call that he did not want. Argo was struggling and unable to breathe on his own, and Miller did not want him to suffer any longer. He describes that when he laid his hand on Argo’s head, he felt a rush of peace come over him, feeling Argo saying “it’s okay Dad!” Described as the “hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my lifetime,” Miller decided to stop further CPR. Argo passed away on November 7, 2017.

Miller is thankful for their memorable and successful career together. He explains that Argo can never be replaced because he “will never find a dog that will match the bond we had.” Through your donations, NPDF will help his department to obtain another K-9 partner.

The NPDF wishes Officer Miller the best in this trying time. We are thankful for his continued service.

In memory of K-9 Officer Argo’s heroic service and in an effort to support Officer Miller obtain another K-9, the NPDF is creating a special fundraising drive to help raise these funds.

Please click on the button below to donate to the special In Memory of Argo Fund.

We need your help! Thank you.

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NPDF is extremely grateful to K-9 Officer Argo and is proud to create a fund in his memory.


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