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K-9 Heat Alarm

Supporting K-9 units nationwide since 1998.

how we help

K9 Heat Alarm offers grants that assist law enforcement agencies with the costs related to the purchase of heat alarms in vehicles equipped for K-9s. Heat exhaustion is a major cause of death for active K-9s.

It is an unfortunate fact that dozens of law enforcement K9s die from heat exhaustion in patrol cars every year.

The National Police Dog Foundation Heat Alarm , purchases vehicle heat alarms for law enforcement agencies who cannot afford the alarms.

How do heat alarms help? When temperatures get too hot in the vehicle the Heat Alarms can automatically:

  • Activate the patrol car’s siren and light bar

  • Roll down the back windows

  • Notify the handler on a beeper or on their cell phone

  • Alarms come with dual sensors to average the heat in the vehicle

  • Alarms come with hot and cold alerts

Alarms can even be coupled with automatic door openers for a quick release of the K-9.

Help us to assist law enforcement agencies to protect and serve.

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