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K-9 Hero of the Year Edo Retires

The NPDF’s 2016 K-9 Hero of the Year, Edo, retired last month after 6 years of faithful service to the Los Angeles PD, CA, Metropolitan Division.

The 8-year-old Belgian Malinois assisted with all armed suspect searches along with his handler, Officer Huynh. In March 2016, he was named the NPDF’s K-9 Hero of the Year for his courageous role in raiding a home involved in a hostage situation. Edo played an essential part by providing safety to the officers on the scene, as he preceded them into the dwelling and supplied a much-needed diversion.

Officer Huynh says he was honored to see Edo receive the NPDF’s 2016 K-9 Hero of the Year award, and he gives Edo all the credit for the success of the raid. “I describe it as, I’m just paid to drive the dog around and let him do the work,” he says. “We all know that K-9 handling is a little bit more complicated than that. But really, we couldn’t do it without them. They don’t understand the dangers that they take on for us, but I know if the dogs actually could comprehend it, they would still do it. What they do for us as humans and handlers, you can’t put a price on it.”

Retired K-9 Edo is now fully becoming a part of Officer Huynh’s family. When Edo was active with the LAPD, he was strictly business, serving alongside the officers as a work partner. Now, according to Officer Huynh, retirement has allowed Edo to become a pet rather than a co-worker. “Now he gets to do all the fun dog stuff that pets get to do,” Huynh says. “He gets to really play with the kids now, and it’s more of a family relationship. He just loves it.”

NPDF wishes Edo, our 2016 K-9 Hero of the Year (and TV celebrity), a long and healthy retirement.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz


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