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K-9 Heat Alarm Recipients

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The National Police Dog Foundation is very pleased to announce its first round of K-9 Heat Alarm Grant Recipients.

In May 2017, the NPDF announced that we would be initiating the NPDF Heat Alarm Fund, which would immediately fund five Heat Alarm Grants to law enforcement agencies across the county.

The NPDF Board took this action in response to the overwhelming concern of its supporters who were distressed by the high number of K-9 deaths by heat exhaustion in 2016. To prevent more K-9 lives lost by heat exhaustion, the NPDF is initiating this grant by donating these five heat alarms, but we hope that with your help, many more will be granted in the future.

Heat alarms combat the deadly car temperatures of the summer months. When temperatures get too hot they are able to: -activate the patrol car’s siren and light bar -roll down the back windows -notify the handler on a beeper or on their cell phone

They also come with dual sensors to average the heat in the vehicle, and they come with both hot and cold alerts. The alarms can even be coupled with automatic door openers for a quick release of the K-9.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to grant funds and services that support law enforcement agencies, handlers, and K-9s, but we need your help.

In order for K-9 units to immediately benefit from this fund, and to get these heat alarms installed into the patrol vehicles as soon as possible so they can benefit from the alarms in the summer of 2017, we created a short grant application deadline of July 1st, 2017.

Today, July 5th, 2017 we are pleased to announce the winners of these initial five grants:

  1. LOCATION: Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, Shawnee, Oklahoma HANDLER: Jared Strand K-9: Onyx

  2. LOCATION: Oak Ridge Police Department, Oak Ridge, Tennessee HANDLER: Tim Buckner K-9: Kobus

  3. LOCATION: Bennington Police Department, Bennington, Vermont HANDLER: Robert Murawski K-9: Gracie

  4. LOCATION: Alamogordo Police Department, Alamogordo, New Mexico HANDLER: Ray Brown K-9: Clint

  5. LOCATION: Marysville Police Department, Marysville, California HANDLER: Joseph Liebman K-9: Jake

Even though we had a short timeline for the grant applications, we received dozens of applications for Heat Alarms and other grants. The bottom line is many more of the heat alarms are needed out there, and the K-9 units simply do not have the funds and need your help.

To help provide these heat alarms to aid these K-9s who are dying of heat exhaustion, please donate to our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund. Please designate K-9 Heat Alarm Fund in the dropdown menu. Please help save K-9s’ lives now!

.fusion-button.button-2{width:auto;}CLICK HERE To Donate to the K-9 Heat Alarm Fund

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