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2019 K-9 Heat Alarm Grant Winners

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The National Police Dog Foundation is very pleased to announce the winners of its 2019 K-9 Heat Alarm Grants.

Our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund came about when an article in our April 2017 newsletter about K-9 Heroes who fell during active duty in 2016, sparked an overwhelming response from our readers and supporters. We, as well as our readers, were shocked to learn the amount of K-9s that had died from heat exhaustion in patrol cars. The Foundation decided to take immediate action and help by providing grants for heat alarms.

In 2017 the National Police Dog Foundation awarded heat alarms to five law enforcement agencies.

In 2018, thanks to a matching donation from Spirit of Blue to our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund, we were able to award 12 heat alarm grants.

This year, in 2019, once again thanks to a matching donation from Spirit of Blue to our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund, the Foundation is able to give out 10 Heat Alarm Grants to law enforcement agencies with the hope that we can bring about awareness to this issue. We hope that one day every K-9 patrol car will be outfitted with these K-9 life-saving devices. Thanks to a designated special donation from New Mexico Computer Recyclers we are able to give an eleventh grant.

How do the heat alarms help? When temperatures get too hot (or cold) in the vehicle the alarms automatically:

  1. activate the patrol car’s siren and light bar

  2. roll down the back windows

  3. notify the handler on a beeper or on their cell phone

  4. alarms come with dual sensors to average the heat in the vehicle

  5. alarms come with hot and cold alerts

Alarms can even be coupled with automatic door openers for a quick release of the K-9.

Today, May 1st, 2019, we are pleased to announce the 10 winners of our 2019 K-9 Heat Alarm Grants:

  1. LOCATION: Butler University Police Department, Indianapolis, Indiana HANDLER: Jason Downs K-9: Marcus

  2. LOCATION: Deptford Twp, Deptford, New Jersey HANDLER: Todd Brown K-9: Spartan

  3. LOCATION: La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, Durango, Colorado HANDLER: Krysten Garcia K-9: Astra

  4. LOCATION: Manatee County Search and Rescue, Parrish, Florida HANDLER: Michael Dvorack K-9: Max

  5. LOCATION: Milan Police Department, Milan, Tennessee HANDLER: Joe Fountain K-9: Lucky

  6. LOCATION: Nelson County Sheriffs Office, Bardstown, Kentucky HANDLER: Levi Preston K-9: Apollo

  7. LOCATION: New London Police Department, New London, Connecticut HANDLER: John Michaud K-9: Whaler

  8. LOCATION: Simla Police Department, Simla, Colorado HANDLER: David Raboin K-9: Ninja

  9. LOCATION: St Charles Police Department, Saint Charles, Arkansas HANDLER: Jamie Forbes K-9: Maya

  10. LOCATION: White County Sheriffs Office, Cleveland, Georgia HANDLER: Jimmy Motes K-9: Bella

Thanks to a generous direct donation from New Mexico Computer Recycling to Rio Arriba Sheriff’s Office we are able to give an eleventh grant to:

  1. LOCATION: Rio Arriba Sheriff’s Office, Española, New Mexico HANDLER: Dwayne Epling K-9: Kumo

We received dozens of applications for the Heat Alarms Grants, but unfortunately, we only had enough funds for 10 grants plus the generous direct donation from New Mexico Computer Recycling to Rio Arriba Sheriff’s Office. The bottom line is many more heat alarms are needed out there, and the K-9 units simply do not have the funds and need your help.

Grant application deadline for these K-9 Heat Alarm grants expired on April 26th, 2019. No applications were accepted after this date.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to offer funds and services that support Law Enforcement Agencies, handlers, and K-9s.

The K-9s and handlers need your help. Please help save K-9s’ lives by donating below.

Thank you.

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