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Zoetis K-9 Courage Program helps pay for K-9 Chet’s veterinary visits.

Chet the family pet.

Best buddies in retirement.

K-9 Courage Program by Zoetis  Petcare helps pay for K-9 Chet’s veterinary visits.

Retired Deputy Sheriff John Trevor-Smith of the McKinley County Sheriff’s Department has had a long-time partner in crime: K-9 Chet. Now 10 years old, the Belgian Malinois lives in Trevor-Smith’s home and they are both enjoying retirement together.

K-9 Chet worked for the department in McKinley County, New Mexico, for over six years, working in patrol, narcotics, and even SWAT. Trevor-Smith describes how one of Chet’s most memorable career moments was apprehending a wanted fugitive sex offender out of Texas.

When Chet and Trevor-Smith retired in 2016, the K-9 was over eight years old. According to Trevor-Smith, Chet gets along well with the whole family and plays an important role in the home—” he makes me feel secure knowing that when I am away, he’s there for my family.” Trevor-Smith explains how Chet’s favorite part of the day is dinner time—“even though he’s over ten years old, he still loves to eat, and doesn’t gain any weight!” Chet hasn’t changed much in retirement and still remains active, playful, and able to perform any K-9 duties.

Trevor-Smith and Chet are recipients of the K-9 Courage by Zoetis Petcare Grant. Trevor-Smith describes how the grant has helped to pay for Chet’s veterinary visits and associated costs. He explains, “being retired and also on a fixed income is hard and I’m so very thankful for all that the program does for us.” When asked about any advice he would give to anyone wanting to adopt a retired working dog, he explained: “be sure to ask questions about his training language and learn the commands prior to picking up the K-9—most of all, give the K-9 the respect he deserves.”

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to have helped alleviate Chet’s health care costs through the K-9 Courage program.

Our Retired K-9 Medical Fund offers grants that assist Retired K-9s and Handlers with costs related to emergency medical expenses. It is equally important to provide continued care for the police service dog after it retires. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these K-9s for their dedication and service, and is proud to assist in the medical emergency care for retired K-9s.  These dogs have given their whole lives to protect us, its time to give something back. Please click on the button below to donate to our Retired K-9 Medical Fund. The K-9s need your help.

.fusion-button.button-10{width:auto;}CLICK HERE To Donate to our retired K-9 Medical Fund

Chet with the department.


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