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Zoetis closing out 2018 grants


Three years ago, the Zoetis team embraced the noble mission to care for retired canines that have protected and served our country. While they’ve helped many, there are many more who need assistance. So, they are doing what any true animal lovers would—they’re doing more. 

The K-9 Courage Program from Zoetis, a sponsor of the National Police Dog Foundation, was launched in March 2015 with the aim of providing health care assistance to retired police and military dogs. Each K-9 owner receives $300 annually to aid in any veterinary expenses, including general check-ups, vaccinations, medications, and more, and the initial goal was to aid 500 K-9s. The program was such a success that it has already expanded twice to meet a growing demand. It now serves up to 650 K-9s annually. Each of these K-9s receives this compensation for the duration of its lifetime. Unfortunately, unlike human officers, K-9 officers do not receive a pension, so this financial aid is a tremendous help to supporting K-9 officers in their retirement.

The National Police Dog Foundation is appreciative of the support Zoetis provides to retired police and military K-9s, and we are especially grateful for the annual donation of $10,000 that Zoetis provides to the National Police Dog Foundation. Through the Foundation, Zoetis has assisted in the medical care of 100s of retired law enforcement K-9s.

“It is a privilege to partner with the National Police Dog Foundation to support the health of so many deserving service animals through our K-9 Courage Program, and to raise awareness about the medical needs of these special dogs who have given so much to police organizations and communities across our nation,” says Dr. J. Michael McFarland, Executive Director, Companion Animal Marketing at Zoetis. “After the careers, these heroic dogs have led, we are honored to be able to assist with their continued veterinary care in their retirement.”

Many retired K-9s are currently receiving assistance, but there are numerous more on the waiting list who need your help. To help these worthy police K-9s, please click on the following link:

To learn more about the K-9 Courage Program from Zoetis, please click on the link:

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