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Retired K-9s Don’t Get Pensions, or do they?

Ecko during his years of active duty.

Ecko showing off some of his finds.

Thanks to the Zoetis K-9 Courage Program owners of retired K-9s are getting help.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to be a part of Zoetis’ K-9 Courage program, a healthcare donation program that provides yearly assistance to retired K-9s. In this article, we are shining a spotlight on one of our grant recipients: Sergeant Raja Karim, and his K-9, Ecko, who benefit from the Zoetis K-9 Program.

For over three years, K-9 Ecko worked by Sergeant Karim’s side at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in Mohave Valley, Arizona. The Belgian Malinois found numerous bad guys during his career: “One of our most notable finds was at a mine burglary,” Karim explains, “where Ecko was able to track a suspect over a huge pile of rocks.”

Since retiring, Ecko has been living the life of a pet in Sergeant Karim’s home. Karim explains that Ecko is a great pet but often shows his intelligent protective K-9 side. He loves going swimming but tries to rescue anyone who goes underwater. Ecko is also known for some naughty antics in the home­—“I once went outside to check the mail,” Karim explains, “and when I came back in, Ecko had eaten a dozen donuts off the kitchen counter!” I was amazed that Ecko didn’t even get sick.

Ecko’s past life as a K-9 officer can sometimes be a challenge for the family, particularly when they don’t understand why he acts the way he does. Karim always makes sure to explain: “when he hops a 6-foot wall to meet you in the front yard, it’s not because he’s a ‘bad dog,’ it’s because that is what he was taught to do.”

Sergeant Karim explains how the K-9 Courage Program has helped offset the costs of having a retired police dog at home. In retirement, Ecko suffers from allergies and hip pain, which can become costly as he cycles between different medicines.

The National Police Dog Foundation is happy to hear that K-9 Ecko is living a healthy and fulfilling retirement. Our Board is extremely grateful to our donors and community who help support K-9s like Ecko. Medical costs of retired K-9s become the responsibility of the owners. Your designated donations go directly to help offset these out-of-pocket expenses. The donations and the K-9 Courage program have helped Sergeant Karim and others to supplement the costs of owning a retired K-9 and ensure the dogs get the retirement they deserve.

Our Retired K-9 Medical Fund offers grants that assist Retired K-9s and Handlers with costs related to emergency medical expenses. It is equally important to provide continued care for the police service dog after it retires. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these K-9s for their dedication and service, and is proud to assist in the medical emergency care for retired K-9s.  These dogs have given their whole lives to protect us, its time to give something back. Please click on the button below to donate to our Retired K-9 Medical Fund. The K-9s need your help.

.fusion-button.button-5{width:auto;}CLICK HERE To Donate to our retired K-9 Medical Fund

Ecko in a well-deserved retirement.

Sofia playing with Ecko who is now part of the family.


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