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Retired K-9 Medical Fund assists K-9 Jack

Photo: Jim Corbett – Project LA Rescued

Retirement is the best thing that could have happened to Jack.

Retired K-9 Medical Fund assists K-9 Jack with six months worth of medication expenses. 

In May 2017, K-9 Jack, a German Shepherd, retired from the Baltimore County Police Department. He was a dual purpose K-9, specializing in both narcotics and detection. Assigned to a road squad, he responded to service calls requiring everything from criminal tracking and crowd control to physical apprehension.

Known as “Happy Jack,” he’s a very outgoing and social K-9. In fact, Corporal Eric Brenner of Baltimore County explains how the markings around Jack’s muzzle “really make it look like he is smiling.”

In September of 2016, Jack began to show some problematic symptoms, including swollen and painful joints. After months of tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and laser therapy, Jack was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Poly-Arthritis (IMPA). Due to the lifelong medications administered for Jack’s conditions, the department decided to retire him after three years of work.

Since retirement, Jack has been enjoying his new life. Corporal Brennan describes how “retirement was the best thing that could’ve happened to Jack.” Less stressed by police work, he is now more relaxed, and, aided by his medications, has not had any joint flare-up. However, the cost of Jack’s medications caused Corporal Brennan to reach out to the Retired K-9 Medical Fund for assistance. The National Police Dog Foundation was able to help contribute to Jack’s retirement expenses by providing reimbursement funds for six-months of medication.

The Founation is proud to help ensure that Jack has the least painful retirement possible. We are thankful for his years of service and value the importance of helping our K-9s, both in service and through retirement.

The ongoing medical care for K-9s can be very expensive and most K-9 departments simply do not have the funds for the ever increasing medical costs for K-9s. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these K-9s for their dedication and service, and is proud to assist in the costs of Medical Care for K-9s. Please click on the button below to donate to our K-9 Medical Fund. The K-9s really need your help.

.fusion-button.button-10{width:auto;}CLICK HERE To Donate to the Medical Care for Active K-9s

Photo: Jim Corbett – Project LA Rescued

Jack enjoying retirement.


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