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K-9 Sniper, from Geauga Park District Can Now Work Pain Free

Sniper is a 4-year-old German Shepherd working for the Geauga Park District in Geauga County, Ohio. For three years now, he has been on the road with his handler, Ranger Denise Weisbarth. Sniper’s main role is narcotics detection, often assisting other agencies within the counties with narcotics searches. Weisbarth explains, “He is one of only 8 dogs in our county so he gets called upon often.”

In addition to narcotics, he also specializes in public relations. Together, K-9 Sniper and Ranger Weisbarth walk the trails and attend events throughout the county in order to promote the park district and working dogs. Weisbarth describes, “We have over 10,000 acres and 22 open parks in the county—it’s important to make sure our parks are safe for all visitors.”

According to Ranger Weisbarth, K-9 Sniper loves public attention. In fact, Sniper even has his own Instagram page—“Many people from the county follow him and say he is very photogenic,” she explains.

Last year, K-9 Sniper injured his shoulder and developed osteoarthritis from the injury. Thankfully, Dr. Stephen Jones, an orthopedic doctor at Ohio State University Jones provided Sniper with protein-rich plasma and steroid shots. Weisbarth explains that the National Police Dog Foundation helped pay for his treatment “so he can work pain-free.”

Ranger Weisbarth describes, “My department does not fund any aspect of our K-9 program. We rely on donations from the public to help with vet care, food, treats, training or whatever is needed. Having received the PetPlan insurance donation from the National Police Dog Foundation has let me focus on Sniper’s care rather than the financial concerns and get him the best care possible.”

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to assist Ranger Weisbarth and K-9 Sniper and is glad to hear that he is doing better each day.

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