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K-9 Kimbo now protected by Heat Alarm

K-9 Kimbo is a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois working for the Middletown Police Department in Middletown, Indiana. Donated to the department two and a half years ago, Kimbo now works with his handler, Officer Amanda Kirby. The two instantly bonded and soon completed a five-week K-9 training course through the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

For over two years now, Kimbo has been working as a dual purpose narcotics and patrol K-9. His typical shifts include K-9 sniffs during traffic stops and also patrol duties when needed. Kimbo has already made numerous narcotic arrests—he even successfully located a fleeing suspect involved in a kidnapping.

Originally trained as a French ring dog, Kimbo has a rather unique career experience. It even shows during his K-9 work—“during demonstrations, he is always a crowd pleaser and is somewhat of a show-off,” Kirby describes. She describes how Kimbo loves to make people laugh, and he feeds off the laughter by “prancing” around. In fact, many people have commented on his ability to draw their attention with his personality.

Kirby and Kimbo are recipients of the National Police Dog Foundation’s K-9 heat alarm grant. Kirby explains, “I have always been very vigilant with monitoring K9 Kimbo’s safety. I will continue to be vigilant, but the heat alarm gives me a little more peace of mind when it comes to his safety. I really like that fact that this extra safety feature is there in case the temperature is not right in the vehicle. “

The National Police Dog Foundation is glad to see K-9 Kimbo thrive and proud to ensure his safety with a K-9 heat alarm. As Officer Kirby puts, it “This is my partner’s life we are talking about—I know he has my back and I am thrilled to have this tool to make sure I have his.”

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to grant funds and services that support law enforcement agencies, handlers, and K-9s, but being a volunteer-based foundation, we cannot do this without your help!

To learn more about our Heat Alarm Fund, or to donate, please click on the buttons below.

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Please help us save K-9s’ lives now! Please donate to our Heat Alarm Fund and save the lives of K-9s who are dying of heat exhaustion.

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