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K-9 Heat Alarm gives Officer Brown peace of mind

Officer Brown points to the newly installed K-9 Heat Alarm

NPDF’s donated K-9 Heat Alarm give Officer Brown piece of mind.

This past July, The National Police Dog Foundation announced the NPDF K-9 Heat Alarm Fund in response to the large amount of K-9 deaths by heat exhaustion. The NPDF Board implemented this unique fund, hoping to create awareness and ultimately eliminate this growing problem. The Fund’s first grants paid for five heat alarms for law enforcement agencies across the US.

Among the grant winners was the Alamogordo Police Department, located in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Officer Ray Brown, handler of K-9 Brutus, now has the heat alarm installed in his patrol vehicle. Brown explained that the alarm has already given him some much-needed “piece of mind.”

Officer Brown described how the heat alarm has even been particularly helpful during this winter season. Worried about K-9 Brutus overheating, he previously had to leave the windows down, making it difficult to heat up the inside of the vehicle. No longer limited by fears for his K-9’s safety, he can now rely on his heat alarm to indicate any unsafe conditions.

Brown’s heat alarm was recently installed at no charge by David Jones at Code 3 Service, an equipment supplier in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jones, an “avid dog lover,” was inspired to hear that NPDF was donating the alarms, and “more than happy” to donate this install, as well as any future local installations.

The NPDF is proud to see so much positive change brought about by our heat alarm grants. We are thankful for individuals like David Jones and Officer Brown for working to ensure the safety and well-being of these dedicated K-9s.

Please donate to the NPDF K-9 Heat Alarm Fund and help ensure that, in the summer of 2018, no K-9 dies unnecessarily due to heat exhaustion.

To help provide these heat alarms to aid these K-9s who are dying of heat exhaustion, please donate to our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund. Please designate K-9 Heat Alarm Fund in the dropdown menu. Please help save K-9s’ lives now!

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Officer Brown with K-9 Brutus


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