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K-9 Ghera Gets Emergency Operation

NPDF K-9 Retirement Medical Fund assists in paying for K-9 Ghera’s operation.

K-9 Ghera is a 13-year-old English Labrador Retriever who worked for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. She first joined the team in February 2007, after being purchased from the Santa Rosa Guide Dogs Program. Deemed too excited and friendly for that line of work, Ghera started her career in law enforcement.

Ghera was purchased as a narcotics detection dog, specifically for the Ventura County jail system. During her K-9 career, Ghera was most often known for her very friendly personality. Her handler, Deputy Sheriff James Douglas, explains how he’s “yet to meet a person who hasn’t fallen in love with her almost immediately.”

Douglas explains, however, “One of Ghera’s frustrating traits is that she loves to eat.” In the past, she has even eaten towels and blankets, which have caused her many physical problems. About six months ago, however, she wouldn’t eat, which “was an immediate sign that something was wrong.”

After taking Ghera to the Camino Animal Clinic, Sheriff Douglas learned that she had eaten a blanket, which was blocking her intestines. Luckily, they were able to operate, and, thanks to an exceptional job, were able to save Ghera.

Though Camino Animal Clinic significantly discounted the costs of the surgery, Douglas explains how “it was still a large bill.” He reached out to the National Police Dog Foundation. Douglas explains how “Ghera is an important part of my family, and, without the NPDF, I don’t know how we would have managed that bill.”

The NPDF is proud to alleviate the financial burden of K-9 medical procedures for our police departments. The NPDF strives to ensure that our K-9s, both active and retired, are as healthy as possible.

The ongoing medical care for K-9s can be very expensive and most K-9 departments simply do not have the funds for the ever increasing medical costs for K-9s. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these K-9s for their dedication and service, and is proud to assist in the costs of Medical Care for K-9s. Please click on the button below to donate to our K-9 Medical Fund. The K-9s really need your help.

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