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K-9 Apollo safe from summer’s heat

K-9 Apollo is a two-year-old Belgium Malinois/German Shepherd mix. He is a single-purpose narcotics K-9 who has been working with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky for six months. The department is a recent grant recipient from the National Police Dog Foundation’s K-9 Heat Alarm Fund.

Kentucky summers can be very hot and humid. “This summer has already had temperatures into the 90s,” says Apollo’s handler Deputy Sheriff Levi Preston, “and the alarm system helps ensure Apollo’s safety during the summer months.”

Deputy Sheriff Preston goes on to say that K-9 Apollo has a laid-back personality, he is independent and likes to do his own thing. He has more of a Shepherd personality but is stubborn. He has his own way of alerting his handler when he has found something, he stops, locks his legs, takes a step back and stares—it is very different but distinctive alert.

Apollo doesn’t care to play with tennis or other balls, he just wants to play with his favorite rubber KONG toy. He plays a game of holding onto the toy with both paws daring you to try to get it away from him—but it is impossible.

Thanks to a matching grant from Spirit of Blue and generous donations from donors like you, the National Police Dog Foundation is happy to have been able to provide a Heat Alarm grant for K-9 Apollo and wishes him a safe summer.

To learn more about our Heat Alarm Fund, or to donate, please click on the buttons below.

Please help us save K-9s’ lives now! Please donate to our Heat Alarm Fund and save the lives of K-9s who are dying of heat exhaustion.

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