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Health Insurance Fund Grant Covers K-9 Titan

K-9 Health Insurance ensures the best medical care for the K-9s

K-9 Titan is a four-year-old German Shepherd who has been working for the Thibodaux Police Department, Louisiana, since 2017.

Titan is a dual-purpose K-9 who is nationally certified in both criminal apprehension and narcotic detection. Meaning K-9 Titan is trained to locate and apprehend a fleeing suspect that has committed a crime of violence, or Titan can conduct an open-air sniff to locate possible illegal narcotics. He is also used to ensure the safety of other officers.

K-9 Titan is always eager to do his job. The minute he sees his handler, Drake, in uniform, Titan knows it’s time to go to work and starts wagging his tail. He thinks work is a fun game he plays with his handler.

Thibodaux PD applied for the K-9 Health Insurance Grant because all veterinary care is funded by the departments operational budget. Now with a Petplan insurance policy in place, the department can allocate funds to other important needs of the department.

A fun story about Titan is the when he started training, it was quickly learned that he did not like going up and down stairs. So every day the trainer would spend a few minutes playing with Titan on the stairs—with a ball or a trail of treats—and so he soon gained his stair confidence. Today, however, every time Titan sees a staircase he thinks it’s time to play.

The National Police Dog Foundation is happy to have funded a K-9 Health Insurance grant to Titan.

Your support and donations ensure that the National Police Dog Foundation can assist more agencies in the future.

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Please donate to our funds to ensure our nation’s K-9s are healthy and at work providing your public safety!

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