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50 K-9 Health Insurance Grant Recipients

K-9 Health Insurance ensures the best medical care for the K-9s

The National Police Dog Foundation is very pleased to announce 50 new K-9 Health Insurance Grant Recipients.

In 2017 the National Police Dog Foundation launched our K-9 Health Insurance Fund, which was established from an initial donation by Petplan pet insurance. The fund is supported by donations from the public to the K-9 Health Insurance Fund and a $50 donation from Petplan for each new pet insurance policy booked by the public using the campaign code NPDF10 at (available for all pets, not just K-9s). Please share with your friends and family who are interested in pet insurance to help us raise money for the fund. Pet parents will also receive up to 10% off their policy when they enroll using NPDF10.

Today we are pleased to announce the recipients of these grants that will help to ensure the continued well-being of our country’s K-9 officers.

Protecting K-9s with pet insurance is a great way to make sure that every K-9, both active and retired, receives the best possible medical care. These K-9s face hereditary conditions as well as occupational risks such as gunshot or stab wounds, lacerations, tail injuries, and exposure to highly toxic substances like illegal drugs, all of which can be extremely costly to remedy. Pet insurance can help to cover up to 90 percent of the thousands of dollars needed for veterinary care.

The National Police Dog Foundation is grateful to our sponsor Petplan, whose continued support and generous donations to our Foundation are improving the lives of K-9s nationwide. The K-9 Health Insurance Fund, which is providing these grants, was initially established by our sponsor Petplan Pet Insurance.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to work with our sponsors and to grant funds and services that support law enforcement agencies, handlers, and K-9s.

We are therefore pleased to announce and congratulate the 50 winners of the K-9 Health Insurance Grants.


Department NameCityStateK-9K-9 BreedAlbion Dept. of Public SafetyAlbionMILucyJoBloodhoundBernalillo Cnty. Sheriff’s Dept.AlbuquerqueNMVitoBelgium MalinoisAltoona PDAltoonaWIMaxBelgium MalinoisAmory PDAmoryMSCoaleGerman ShepherdVillage of Apple Creek PDApple CreekOHAxelGerman ShepherdAtascadero PDAtascaderoCALukeGerman ShepherdBenton PDBentonILRangerBelgium MalinoisBerlin BoroughBerlinNJRadkoGerman ShepherdBradley PDBradleyILBlitzBelgium MalinoisBrookings PDBrookingsORHulkBelgium MalinoisCalifornia City PDCalifornia CityCATelloGerman ShepherdGeauga Park DistrictChardonOHSniperGerman ShepherdClintonville PDClintonvilleWICharrGerman ShepherdCottonwood PDCottonwoodAZKratosShepherd/MalinoisDayton PDDaytonOHJakeBelgium MalinoisDecatur PDDecaturINIvarGerman ShepherdSt. Clair Twp. PDEast LiverpoolOHNorrisGerman ShepherdEast Ridge PDEast RidgeTNAxelBelgium MalinoisFort Bragg PDFort BraggCATakodaGerman ShepherdFranklin PDFranklinMARobbiGerman ShepherdFullerton PDFullertonCATitanBelgium MalinoisGladstone PDGladstoneORNanukGerman ShepherdGlendale Heights PDGlendale HeightsILLoboGerman ShepherdGreen Bay PDGreen BayWIPumaGerman ShepherdGulf Shores PDGulf ShoresALNitroDutch ShepherdHawthorne PDHawthorneNJNeroGerman ShepherdHighland Park PDHighland ParkMITrexxDutch ShepherdHuntersville PDHuntersvilleNCStihlBelgium MalinoisHuntington Park PDHuntington ParkCAKazDutch ShepherdLatrobe PDLatrobePAZeusGerman ShepherdSilver Spring Township PDMechanicsburgPATrackerBelgium MalinoisNew Braunfels PDNew BraunfelsTXZaneGerman ShepherdNewton PDNewtonKSPanchoBelgium MalinoisEctor Cnty. Sheriff’s OfficeOdessaTXAykeBelgium MalinoisOshkosh PDOshkoshWILandoGerman ShepherdParis PDParisTXCupaBelgium MalinoisPark Rapids PDPark RapidsMNJetBelgium MalinoisPerryville PDPerryvilleMOEdoGerman ShepardPflugerville PDPflugervilleTXAxelGerman ShepherdPound PDPoundVAJacksonBelgium MalinoisPrairie du Chien PDPrairie du ChienWIRicoBelgium MalinoisRipley PDRipleyOHBragiBelgium MalinoisSanta Fe Cnty. Sheriff’s OfficeSanta FeNMAkiroBelgium MalinoisSedona PDSedonaAZMaxBelgium MalinoisLewisboro Town PDSouth SalemNYZaneGerman ShepherdSuperior PDSuperiorAZRexGerman ShepherdTremonton PDTremontonUTOskarBelgium MalinoisUpland PDUplandCARudyShepherd/MalinoisWaxhaw PDWaxhawNCElvisShepherd/MalinoisUpper Moreland Twp. PDWillow GrovePAMaxGerman Shephard

With your support and donations to the fund, it is our hope that the National Police Dog Foundation will be able to assist agencies not only for the initial year but into the future as well. We hope to fund many more grants in the months and years to come.

For more information about Petplan’s sponsorships with the National Police Dog Foundation, or to make a donation to support grant funding, please point your paws to

We received many dozens of grant applications from agencies, but unfortunately, we only had the funds for 50 grants. If your agency applied and did not receive the grant, remember you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all pet insurance by using the discount code NPDF10 at

To help provide K-9 Medical Health Insurance Plans to maintain the health of K-9s, please donate to our K-9 Health Insurance Fund. Please designate “K-9 Health Insurance Fund” in the dropdown menu on the donation page. Please help ensure K-9s are healthy, and are able to do their part in protecting you!

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