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2017 Has Been a Growth Year For the Foundation


Dear Friends,

Another exciting and challenging year is almost over, and with your help, we are already planning and working on projects for next year.

2017 has been a wonderful growth year for us, but with growth comes challenges. Our efforts to expand and become a meaningful national foundation for police K-9s has become a reality. Some new 2017 sponsors include national corporations such as Purina, McDonalds, and Petplan.

Thanks to our new marketing efforts and sponsors, our services are now reaching into even the smallest police departments across the country. While this is good news, and our fundraising efforts have grown, unfortunately so have the requests for financial assistance from these departments.

We need your help. We still have a shortfall in 2017 of $28,000, and desperately need to raise funds by year-end to fulfill emergency K-9 medical requests.

In planning for the 2018 needs of our nationwide police departments, we anticipate having to fund the following requests for assistance:

Purchasing: 10 grant requests for new police K-9s Training: 20 grant requests for police K-9s and handlers Medical: 20 grant requests for medical assistance and emergency veterinary care Retired Medical: 10 grant requests for retired medical care Health Insurance: In 2018, we hope to grant at least 10 annual Police K-9 health insurance plans Heat Alarm: In 2018, we hope to save even more K-9 lives and give out 10 police vehicle heat alarms grants

While it is gratifying that agencies have increasingly come to rely on the National Police Dog Foundation to help provide for their needs, it is daunting to come up with the necessary funds to respond to the ever-increasing requests of these agencies. If our forecast holds true, we will need to raise over $270,000 in 2018 to meet expected needs.

And so we turn to you, our friends, to help these amazing K-9 heroes. We need your help in this time of need to ensure the safety of our communities. In addition, please keep NPDF in mind when creating your estate planning. If you need help with this, please contact us.

Most of the Police K-9’s deeds of valor go unreported, much less remembered. Often times, we are their only voice. Please look into your heart to see how you can help. Your generous, tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated and will go directly to support Police K-9s.

Thank you for allowing me to share our needs with you. To donate, please click on the button below, as every dollar helps.


Jim Reilly President National Police Dog Foundation

The National Police Dog Foundation is an all-volunteer foundation ensuring your donation is applied entirely to the benefit of Police K-9s.

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