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Uintah County, Utah welcomes K-9 Aries

Deputy Kyle Fuller and K-9 Officer Aries

Uintah, Utah welcomes K-9 Aries.

In August 2016, K-9 Aries joined the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office in Uintah, Utah. Originally from Czechoslovakia, Aeries was purchased thanks to the help from the NPDF. He started training in September 2016 with his handler, Deputy Kyle Fuller.

Without any prior experience, Aries first began training with explosives, learning nine different explosive odors. Fuller explained how they went through the course quickly because Aries has “such a high amount of prey drive,” which is ideal for scanning buildings. In fact, this drive even got Aries into trouble, as he would repeatedly pop tennis balls during training.

Once Aries began working for the Uintah County Sheriff’s Department, he could finally exercise his newfound skills. Though he assists with probation and parole, Aries is primarily deployed to scan for explosives. In fact, Aries is the first bomb dog certified throughout the whole county, often traveling far and wide to provide his services.

Fuller explains how a major aspect of working with explosive K-9s is to “always trust your dog.” He explains how often he has to “put my life, as well as the lives of others, in the dog’s hands.” This was exemplified very recently when a bomb threat was made at a local high school. Deputy Fuller, the staff, and students put their trust in Aries, as he scanned the entire school, which was eventually declared safe.

The NPDF is immensely proud of the work that Aries has done, and takes pride in assisting with the purchasing of K-9s like Aries all over the county. We look forward to continuing to hear about his many successes. .

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