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Solemn Vow available for Purchase on Amazon

Solemn Vow

Solemn Vow is an art photography book brought to you by

“Solemn Vow available for Purchase on Amazon”

Solemn Vow is available for purchase on Each book is $19.95, with all proceeds donated to the National Police Dog Foundation and its effort to provide funding and support to active and retired Police K-9s in need of medical care as well as other additional support.

For orders of twenty books or more, to include those who would like to raise funds for their own company or organization, please contact us at Orders of twenty books or more will receive a discount in order to benefit your cause, while still helping the National Police Dog Foundation by spreading awareness for Police K-9s.

Thank you to those who support working dogs, rescued animals, and our nation’s Police K-9s!

Who is LA Rescued

LA Rescued’s goal is to honor rescue animals and working dogs with as much compassion, dedication and commitment as they have given us. To accomplish this goal, Photographer Jim Corbett, his rescued dog Cooper and a small group of volunteers work together to raise money for rescue animal and working dog organizations.

As it is their thought that every animal has its place in this world, Jim and Cooper travel to some of the most iconic places in the country to capture moments in the lives of rescued animals and working dogs. Throughout their travels, and while spending time in Los Angeles, Jim and Cooper photograph animals while at home, passing through their frequented or favorite places, and while hard at work. LA Rescued’s volunteers then donate their time to display and share the photographs at a number of events throughout the country.

Each of their galleries honors and depicts both rescued animals and working dogs. Pictures are taken to carefully capture the emotional connection between animal and owner, and the selfless acts made by working dogs, trainers, handlers, and companions. No matter the sacrifice, you are always there for one another.

Proceeds from the sale of portraits, prints and products are donated to animal rescue and working dog organizations who support these wonderful animals.


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