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Snyder County’s First K-9 Unit

Chief Deputy Sheriff Lucas Bingman, K-9 Officer Leo, and Sheriff John Zechman

The NPDF aids in enacting the first K-9 Unit at Snyder County Sheriff’s Office, PA.

Snyder County Sheriff’s Office, PA was proud to welcome K-9 Leo, a 1.5-year-old German Shepherd, on April 17, 2017. Leo was purchased in February, and he underwent 10 weeks of extensive training in narcotics detection and human tracking before he was joined by Chief Deputy Lucas Bingman in handler school.

Chief Deputy Lucas Bingman, Leo’s handler, says that training with Leo was “definitely a learning experience. As a dog owner, you think you know a lot about how dogs work. After taking a handler’s course, you find out that you didn’t know as much as what you thought you did.”

Now that he has completed training, Leo has spent his first month in the newly enacted K-9 Unit successfully assisting officers in the field with drug detection. “Leo has a very high work drive,” says Bingman. “He definitely knows when it’s time to go to work.”

The NPDF is proud to have aided in the creation of Snyder County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit by providing half of the overall funds toward Leo’s purchasing and training.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

NPDF is proud to have assisted Snyder County Sheriff’s Office in the purchasing and initial training of Leo.


Leo is ready to go to work


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