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Show Low PD, AZ welcomes K-9 Nitro

Show Low Police Department, Arizona welcomes K-9 Nitro.

K-9 Nitro is a 22-month-old Belgian Malinois working at the Show Low Police Department in Show Low, Arizona. He was first trained through K-9 Working Dogs International in Longford, Kansas, learning both narcotics detection and suspect apprehension.

Purchased by the Show Low Police Department in December 2017, Nitro has already proven to be an impressive K-9. In his relatively short K-9 career, he has used his narcotics detection skills to apprehend numerous people. This has allowed the department to recover numerous firearms and even stolen property.

Nitro’s handler, Officer Bernard Huser explains that Nitro is “almost too smart for his own good.” Not only does Nitro pick up tasks very quickly, but he’s also a “very eager-to-work puppy.” Known for his agility, the K-9 has an impressive 7-foot vertical jump from a sitting position.

Despite the K-9’s disciplined routine, Huser explains how “Nitro is very much a puppy still.” Nitro truly loves his work, particularly his time at schools, where hundreds of kids routinely greet and pet him.

Due to his young age, Nitro’s day-to-day tasks involve repetitive training in obedience, narcotics detection, and apprehension fundamentals. His continual training will help him to build a strong foundation for his future in law enforcement. Officer Huser looks forward to Nitro’s future working for the department and is “excited to call him my partner.”

Funds from the National Police Foundation assisted in the purchasing of K-9 Nitro.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to have contributed to the Show Low Police Department, and looks forward to seeing Nitro continue to thrive.

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