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Sedona PD, AZ welcomes K-9 Max

Sedona PD, AZ welcomes K-9 Max.

In September of 2017, the Sedona Police Department made a very significant purchase. They bought K-9 Max, a Belgian Malinois, who soon began a 2-month training at the COTA K-9 Academy with his handler Officer Jon Reed. During this time, Max quickly learned narcotics detection and control, which consisted of bite training, human scent tracking, and article searches.

Max, now 2.5-years-old and 95 lbs., is a certified Patrol K-9. Though he is primarily a narcotic detection dog, both his apprehension and tracking skills will be used when needed. He assists the officers by conducting vehicle sniffs, and “is always a quick source of back-up should a serious situation arise,” says Officer Reed.

According to Officer Reed, Max’s physical traits are what make him stand out the most. Max is not only large for a Malinois, but his left ear flops to one side, giving him a “friendly, slightly goofy look.”

Though Officer Reed describes how “the K-9 training process can be intense,” Max has built impressive skills and not afraid of anything. Additionally, Max is currently trained to alert for methamphetamines, cocaine, and heroin.

The purchase of Max would not have been possible without funding from the National Police Dog Foundation. Officer Reed describes how “Max has quickly become a member of the family” at the Sedona Police Department. Max is the new member of the Reed’s household, where he resides when off-duty, along with Reed’s wife and two Great Danes.

NPDF is proud to have contributed to the Sedona PD, AZ and looks forward to hearing about Max’s future accomplishments.


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