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Saratoga Springs welcomes K-9 Rico

K-9 Officer Rico

Saratoga Springs PD, UT welcomes K-9 Rico to resounding success.

K-9 Rico, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois from Czechoslovakia, with the help of NPDF, was purchased by Saratoga Springs PD, UT in October 2015 and immediately underwent training at the Utah Post Academy for K-9 Narcotics. He later attended the Patrol class at Utah POST Academy along with his handler, Officer Derek Dalton, and became certified in 6 different narcotics: marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and mushrooms. Rico is also certified in apprehension, tracking, and evidence searching.

Rico is the only dual-purpose K-9 currently a part of the Saratoga Springs PD team, meaning that he is the only one trained in both tracking and apprehension, rather than solely in tracking. He works with the Patrol and SWAT divisions, aiding in locating narcotics and suspects for the Saratoga Springs area, and does narcotic sniffs in schools. Rico has also provided demonstrations for many organizations throughout the community, including Boy Scout groups, youth programs, schools, and special events. The great work of Rico and his fellow K-9s led to their division receiving the Distinguished Unit Award from the Saratoga Springs Police Department in April 2017.

“Thanks to the grant from National Police Dog Foundation, K-9 Rico has had a successful two years with Saratoga Springs Police Department,” says Officer Derek Dalton, Rico’s handler. “The Department is grateful to have been considered for the grant.”

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

NPDF is proud to have assisted Saratoga Springs PD, UT in the purchasing of Rico.

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