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Rio Rancho PD, NM to get new K-9

Zeus, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, is soon to join the Rio Rancho PD, NM.

At the beginning of May 2017, the K-9 Unit at Rio Rancho will gain a new member of its team. Zeus is currently undergoing training, which began in March after being donated by an anonymous donor. As soon as he has finished this training, Zeus will be supporting patrol operations within the K-9 Unit, where he will be scanning for explosive devices at large events and doing sweeps for arriving dignitaries.

Despite the fact that Zeus has only just begun his training, he has shown promise with his abundance of energy and willingness to work.

“What’s notable about Zeus is that he is able to seamlessly switch from ‘work mode’ into ‘being at home’ mode,” says Sergeant Gabriel Salgado. “He is always agreeable and gentle at home. He is easy to get along with and a really happy dog.”

The NPDF was crucial in facilitating the acquiring and training enrollment of Zeus. The NPDF is also proud to have provided Rio Rancho PD with all its current K-9s and to have helped with other fundraising events for the unit.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

“NPDF is proud to have assisted in the initial training of K-9s.”

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