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K-9 Gango to receive medical treatment

Photo: Kacie Jean Photography

Gango takes on his new role to protect Madison and be a house pet.

K-9 Gango of Santa Barbara County is soon to receive treatment for an enlarged prostate.

K-9 Gango, who retired in April 2016, faithfully served Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office for seven years as a devoted partner to Senior Deputy Patrick Hayes. Over the years, Gango accomplished an impressive number of feats: as a certified patrol canine with additional certifications in explosive detection and hard surface tracking, he helped to track down dangerous criminals, find lost citizens, and investigate bomb threats throughout Santa Barbara county. He even assisted with ensuring the safety of many dignitaries, and throughout his career he has met figures such as the Dalai Lama, the Clintons, former first lady Nancy Reagan, and former first lady Laura Bush. Gango also continuously gave back to his own community, participating in numerous school demonstrations and community events in Santa Barbara.

Now that he is in retirement, Gango is enjoying being an indoor dog and is best friends to Sr. Deputy Hayes’s now 2-year-old daughter, Madison. “He enjoys plenty of sleep and his bark and spirit is still just as strong,” says Hayes. “I’m just happy to see him relax as a dog and enjoy the free time, which he truly deserves.”

Although his retirement has mostly been a happy and healthy one, in February Gango began experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including random bleeding and incontinence.

“You could just tell he was not feeling well,” says Hayes. Dr. Ron Dalzell, an NPDF co-founder and veterinary partner, recommended that Hayes take Gango to Dr. Frier of Camino Animal Clinic, who diagnosed Gango with a painful prostate enlargement and recommended neutering. Though the treatment has not yet taken place, it will be done in the near future, and Sr. Deputy Hayes is glad to have the aid of Dr. Frier, whom he calls a “remarkable and talented guy that really cares for police K-9s.”

Sr Deputy Hayes also appreciates the help of the NPDF in treating Gango. “Thanks to the NPDF providing funding to pay for the tests and planned neutering,” says Hayes.

The NPDF wishes K-9 Gango a quick recovery and a long retirement with the Hayes family.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

The NPDF is proud to assist with medical expenses for retired law enforcement K-9s.

Photo: Kacie Jean Photography


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