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K-9 Courage Program from Zoetis

RIMADYL, by Zoetis, is the first and original FDA-approved medication developed specifically for dogs to improve their mobility by reducing joint pain and inflammation.

“We’ve used RIMADYL before and it gave our dogs several years of quality life. Our dog Shotoku, a lovely golden retriever, lived until 15, definitely thanks to RIMADYL. Sho’s first indication of arthritis was that he could no longer catch his beloved balls and Frisbee without pain – we gave him RIMADYL and he was almost a puppy again. Very much an improvement over our first golden, Nezzer, who was before RIMADYL was available and was in quite a lot of pain the last 3-4 years of his life. Churchill, an English Setter, lived to be 14, and our 10.5 year-old English Setter, Diamond, just started RIMADYL. We expect Di, like Church and Sho, to live a happier life these next few years! When/if the time comes, we won’t hesitate to put our cocker, Mandy, now 7, on it as well.”

What Veterinarians are saying

“It’s always rewarding when you can prescribe products that work well and help your patients. RIMADYL has done wonders for our older dog population, dogs that otherwise couldn’t jump on and off beds, and in and out of cars. Those dogs started to move again. It’s been quite remarkable. I think it’s done as much as any medication has in the last 20 years that I’ve been in practice here. I’m really pleased.”

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