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Jicarilla Apache Tribal PD is joined by K-9 Kumo

In May 2017, Jicarilla Apache Tribal PD, NM welcomed 20-month-old Kumo to its K-9 Unit. Kumo’s work has consisted mainly of narcotics detection, and his handler, Officer Dwayne Epling, states that he has done phenomenally. In less than one month, Kumo has been deployed on four separate vehicle stops and has successfully found narcotics at every one.

“He’s a very young dog, but he knows just what to do,” says Epling. “Even when he was in training, the trainer said that in his 20 years on the job, Kumo had one of the best noses he’d ever seen.”

Kumo proves to be an exceptional K-9 off the job as well. Epling describes Kumo as docile and unaggressive, stating that he has great behavior and loves to work.

Chief Sylvester Stanley gives thanks to Evan Anderson from the NPDF for facilitating the purchasing and training of Kumo. “We’re very grateful and we’re very excited to have a partnership with the foundation,” says Stanley. “I’m just happy to tell anyone who needs help getting K-9s, or who wants to donate, about this foundation.”

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

NPDF is proud to have assisted Jicarilla Apache Tribal PD, NM in the purchasing and initial training of Kumo.

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