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Hamlet City PD, NC knows how to push buttons

Training helps alleviate K-9 Rudy’s anxiety.

K-9 Rudy is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois working for the Hamlet City Police Department in Hamlet, North Carolina. After Rudy’s purchase in July 2017, Sergeant Briton Emert took on the role of trainer, and the two have been connected ever since.

Emert describes how he “hit a lot of snags in his training,” particularly with dominance issues and vehicle training. A “green” K-9, Rudy was initially uneasy in vehicles and did not respond to being corrected with a leash. The process of reducing Rudy’s vehicle’s anxiety was months long, but Emert describes how “the vehicle anxiety is almost-non existent now.”

Sergeant Emert focused on Rudy’s other issues through a trainer’s course for police K-9’s at K-2 solutions in Southern Pines, North Carolina. The training paid for by the National Police Dog Foundation, quickly helped to fix Rudy’s other challenges.

Rudy works as a dual purpose K-9, specializing in narcotics and tracking. So far, according to Sergeant Emert, Rudy is doing very well with narcotics work and he has had several street-finds in vehicles. Much of Rudy’s success originates from the K-2 training—“his obedience routine looks amazing,” Emert explains.

The K-9’s obedience doesn’t always keep him from being stubborn, however. Emert explains, “It seems like sometimes he does things just to push my buttons—he loves attention.” Rudy is known for his curious nature, often trying to sniff and paw at every trash can or box inside the police department. Rudy is well-liked by the officers, dispatchers, and the whole community—Emert describes how Rudy’s loving personality makes him “a big ‘ole baby.”

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to have contributed to Sergeant Emert becoming a certified police dog trainer. We look forward to seeing Rudy continue to grow and make a difference in the Hamlet community.

The purchasing and training of K-9s can be very expensive and most K-9 departments simply do not have the funds they need. The National Police Dog Foundation’s K-9 Purchasing Fund and K-9 Training Fund helped fund the grant to this law enforcement K-9 unit to assist in the costs for the purchasing and the initial training for the K-9. But we need your help. To donate, please click on the button below. The K-9s really need your help.

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