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FUNDRAISING: National Police Dog Foundation Demos for GranVida Residents

Dr. Ron Dalzell explains the K-9 demonstration, as Handler Evan Anderson releases K-9 Aris.

FUNDRAISING EVENT: At GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care

On Saturday, October 14, the National Police Dog Foundation held a fundraiser at GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care. The event took place right outside of their facility, in sunny Carpentaria, California, which is not far from Santa Barbara.

The event proved very successful, drawing a crowd of both GranVida residents and community members. As Yvonne Knepper, director of sales at GranVida explained, “Carpentaria has never had a demonstration of the services provided by our four-footed heroes.” In fact, Yvonne came up with this fundraiser idea after having similar successes in other towns.

The event allowed everyone to get a first-hand glimpse into the world of training police K-9s. Attendees had the unique opportunity to both ask the police questions and get to meet their furry companions. They also got the chance to buy specialty National Police Dog Foundation apparel and enjoyed a complimentary barbecue lunch.

As lunch finished, everyone had the privilege of seeing the police K-9s in action. Handlers showcased different training modules depending on their dog’s specialty. Ann Anderson, a 16-year veteran from the Ventura County Sheriff’s K-9 Search & Rescue, hid real cadaver bones throughout the seated crowd. Her Black Labrador Retriever K-9 Jack, using only his acute sense of smell, managed to find every one of the hidden bones. In another demonstration, the crowd watched as K-9 Aris apprehended an agitator and brought him to the ground by hanging on to the special training bite sleeve on his arm.

Knepper described how the GranVida residents’ and visitor’s “hearts were truly full,” from attending this fundraiser. These positive reactions led to positive results—the organization successfully raised a few thousand dollars from both donations and T-shirt purchases. One hundred percent of the donations will go directly to the National Police Dog Foundation General Fund for the purchase, training, and ongoing veterinary care for active and retired police K-9s.

Knepper was extremely thankful to the Foundation for putting on the event and looks forward to making it an annual tradition.

NPDF is extremely grateful to GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care for facilitating the fundraiser.

Dr. Ron Dalzell answering difficult questions from kids.

Yvonne Knepper from GranVida Senior Living & Memory Care with some NPDF board members.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s K-9 Odin and handler Deputy Phil Farley.

K-9 Morgan from Ventura County Sheriff’s K-9 Search & Rescue.

The turnout was great!

The food was great!


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