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Camino Animal Clinic

Dr. Christopher Frier giving pro-bono care to local police K-9.

The NPDF is grateful to be aided by many veterinary partners who generously donate their time, energy, and resources to provide K-9s with medical care pro-bono or at heavily reduced pricing. This work is essential to police departments and law enforcement agencies, most of which do not receive the necessary funding to provide extensive medical care to their K-9s. When police K-9s require routine medical care, aid with minor injuries, or emergency medical services, the NPDF’s partners, like Camino Animal Clinic, charitably offer their support.

Camino Animal Clinic of Thousand Oaks, CA was opened 38 years ago by Dr. Christopher Frier, and it has been providing medical care to police K-9s ever since. Dr. Frier and his colleague, Dr. Stacy Hall, show dedication and passion in their work, taking on pro-bono cases about once every week and seeing each case from beginning to end. Dr. Hall emphasizes the importance of attending to every need of the K-9s, from initial surgery to final follow-up, so that they can quickly return to work at full health.

“We really love to see the police dogs, as they work for no pay, and we need them to be in top health to be on their game and go after those bad guys, or go into that burning building,” says Dr. Hall. “We just love to be a part of the team.”

The NPDF would be unable to provide the much-needed medical care to police K-9s without the help of veterinary partners like Dr. Frier and Dr. Hall at Camino Animal Clinic. We greatly appreciate the dedication and quality of work offered by each partner in their care of the K-9s that serve our community.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

In this month’s newsletter, the NPDF highlights Camino Animal Clinic, one of its veterinary partners. In future newsletters we will highlight our other veterinary partners, in no specific order or merit. We are grateful to them all for the wonderful work they do for the NPDF.

Dr. Christopher Frier and Dr. Ron Dalzell (NPDF)

Dr. Stacy Hall sharing the love


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