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Retired K-9 Sem gets the treatment he needs

K-9 Sem has been the lovable gentle giant of Cypress Police in Cypress, California. The German Shepherd was the biggest K-9 in the training group, at an impressive 130 pounds. While gentle, according to his partner, Detective Rebecca Mondon, his strong bite could be felt through a bite suit—“no one enjoyed taking bites from him on training days.” Sem truly loved his job—Mondon explains, “When he was at work, he couldn’t wait to get out and find the bad guy or the narcotics.”

Through his K-9 career, Sem’s main tasks included patrol, narcotics, and tracking. Now 10 years old, Sem is retired, but recently endured an unfortunate new challenge. As Mondon explains, “I noticed he was licking the toenail on his paw for a few weeks and saw that it was split.” Though the vet removed a large portion of the nail, it did not get better, and the vet concluded that it was most likely cancer of the toe.

Fibrosarcoma, cancer of the toe, typically affects large breed dogs over ten years old—unfortunately, Sem fits all of these criteria. In October 2018, Orange Vet Clinic, CA provided medical treatment for Sem, and he now is in perfect health. According to Mondon, “he remains the same lovable K-9, enjoying his retired life, just missing a digit.”

Mondon is grateful for the financial help from the National Police Dog Foundation for assisting to fund this procedure—“they reimbursed me for a large portion of the cost of the surgery to remove his toe. It was a financial relief!” The National Police Dog Foundation is glad to see Sem’s quick recovery and proud to support all K-9s, both working and retired.

Our Retired K-9 Medical Fund offers Retired K-9 handlers grants that assist with costs related to emergency medical expenses. Unlike human officers, K-9 officers do not receive a pension. Medical expenses, often related to active duty, now fall on the benevolant handler who is taking care the K-9 in retirement. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these K-9s for their dedication and service, and is proud to assist in the medical emergency care for retired K-9s.  These dogs have given their whole lives to protect us, its time to give something back. Please click on the button below to donate to our Retired K-9 Medical Fund. The K-9s need your help.

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