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Pembroke, NH welcomes K-9 Bucca

Officer Jordan Boisvert and K-9 Officer Bucca

Pembroke, NH welcomes K-9 Bucca.

With the help of NPDF, the Pembroke, New Hampshire Police Department has purchased K-9 Bucca, a 15-month-old Belgian Malinois. Bucca and Officer Jordan Boisvert were quickly off to work, training together at the Boston Police K-9 Academy.

The two were matched together due to their similar personalities. As Officer Boisvert put it, “I was looking for someone like me – motivated, and always ready to work.” And indeed Bucca and Boisvert turned out to be a perfect match. They share an athleticism and can-do attitude that will allow them to succeed as a team. And their success shows–Boisvert describes how Bucca will do “anything to make me proud.” Bucca always responds well to a job well done, usually involving lots of tail wagging.

As Bucca is still a puppy, lots of the work with him involves “getting his energy out.” His usual daily routine involves running around, along with obedience training using food or a ball. Bucca is also getting used to his work duties in the police vehicle. The officers are acclimating him, allowing Bucca to get used to things like the car radio first. In fact, Bucca absolutely loves riding in their Ford Interceptor SUV. As Boisvert puts it, “Malinois are a little smaller, so he gets the whole back seat to himself.” In fact, given his eager spirit, Bucca is often found sitting by the window, waiting to get into the car.

Officer Boisvert and Bucca will soon return to the Boston Police K-9 Academy to resume training. This time, they will train for a few months, strengthening their bond, and acquiring patrol and narcotics certifications. Bucca will hopefully be patrol certified by the end of the year, and pursue his narcotics certification in the spring.

NPDF is proud to have contributed to the Pembroke PD, and looks forward to seeing Bucca in action.

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