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K-9 Officer Xar is on the mend

Sgt. Fisher and Xar (Look at the camera next time Xar!)

Since joining Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, NM 5 years ago, 7-year-old K-9 Xar, a social and expressive German Shepherd, has excelled at his role in patrol and narcotics detection. His duties were put on hold, however, by a critical injury during basic K-9 handler school between March and April, 2017.

Xar immediately underwent successful surgery with Peter D. Schwarz of the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of New Mexico, who generously provided a 50% discount to assist with funding. According to Sgt. Michael Fisher, Xar’s handler, Xar is healing exceptionally, and he will begin training again in the coming week.

“Peter Schwarz said that Xar is healing better than most and told me to keep doing whatever it is I have been doing,” says Sgt. Fisher. “He is still recovering but is excited to be back in his patrol unit every day as he heals, and he is still expressive and excited every day when we get up to go to work.”

In addition to the discounted cost provided by Peter Schwarz, the remaining funds were supplied by the NPDF, which Sgt. Fisher says “helped tremendously.” Special care was also given by NPDF’s volunteer board member Evan Anderson.

“Evan assisted me with taking Xar to the facility and seeing him through the initial process the day of his surgery,” says Sgt. Fisher, adding that Anderson also attended follow-up appointments, provided crates for Xar, and even cared for the K-9 at Anderson’s own residence when Sgt. Fisher was out of town. “This provided the opportunity for Xar to use his pond, which he did so against the permission of Evan,” Sgt. Fisher adds.

Sgt. Fisher says that Xar’s rehabilitation will be completed soon, and he will be back at work doing patrols, detection, and tracking. The NPDF wishes him the best of luck with his recovery and looks forward to his future with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Written by Nicole Hymovitz

The NPDF is proud to assist agencies with medical expenses that keep law enforcement K-9s healthy and in active service.

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